Testimonials for Together We Heal


As an organization, Together We Heal has come a long way in a short amount of time. From our initial idea of providing cost-free counseling, evolving into a teaching and education provider on the challenges of childhood sexual abuse survivors and keeping children safer. We give instruction on how to talk with children about sexual abuse. We teach parents and churches how to keep their children safer from sexual predators. We have had the honor of introducing many adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse with counselors and therapists who help those most in need with the least amount of resources.

It's on this foundation that we built Together We Heal. I wanted to share with everyone just a couple of examples of people who benefit from your generosity and giving. This is the incredible impact you have on the lives of survivors of CSA by donating.

And keep in mind, these are just a couple of examples. There are many, many others! The need increases daily and we are doing all we can to help everyone who comes to us. Please see these for what they are, just the tip of the iceberg. Any way you can give; whether through time, talent or dollars, each is equally important and enables us to provide the services and education desperately needed for survivors everywhere. Thank you all so very much!




"At a difficult time in my life I asked the universe to present the "teacher" who could best assist me in letting go of past hurts and expanding and opening to my true self.


I feel it was a miracle that brought Debe into my life and I am so grateful.   She has a huge toolbox of techniques that are powerful and enlightening.   However, what I most appreciate about Debe is her compassion and integrity and commitment to peace and healing.


Debe provides guidance from a place of love and non judgment, allowing me the space to connect with my inner voice to find my own truth.  She is extremely intuitive and has a wonderful sense of humor.  One of her greatest gifts to me is her ability to make me laugh and not take myself and life so seriously.   At the end of our sessions I always feel much more open and lighter.


Debe is an amazing coach, teacher and guide.  I feel extremely fortunate to be working with her."   ---   Caryl K


"When I first started therapy with Debe, I was pretty raw emotionally, mentally and physically. I had worked with other therapist that basically left me feeling worse than when I started. I am a man in my late 30s that endured boyhood sexual abuse, rape and physical abuse. I never really loved myself or could truly love anyone else. I thought even suicide was an option. When I was around 18 to 23 I had started reading about healing, forgiveness, meditation and enlightenment, but somewhere along the way, I lost that and I lost myself in the process.


All I wanted to do was numb the pain or die in any possible way I could. I had pretty much hit rock bottom when I started working with Debe and I felt I had nothing to lose. When I started working with Debe, I found that during our first few sessions, that someone actually understood my pain and she had a way of making me look within and dig deep until there was light on the dark places that needed to be uncovered and brought to the surface to be dealt with. It's not easy after you've been finding places within you to hide it all, but she made me work and helped me see that if I truly wanted to get better and be better, than I had to take the journey to self-discovery self-love and get back on that path to peace.


Debe also has a way of explaining things that if I didn't understand it, she peacefully walked me through it until it became my own truth. Both generous in spirit and with deep insight, Debe has really helped me come along way. Her method is true and honest and the " homework assignments" really make you think and dig deep! I can't thank Debe enough for the work she has done and the progress I've seen in me and the way I feel now is paramount! There's not enough appreciation or gratitude that I can give Debe for all that she has done in working with me, but her methods are proof that anyone who truly wants to heal and live better.


All I can say from a healed heart and soul is 'Thank You" for guiding me on this journey we call life!"   ---  Bill M




Recommendations for Together We Heal


Rebecca O'Donnell

Author of FREAK: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict


"Dave is a man of integrity who works tirelessly to help those in need. His courage, foresight and empathy are brilliantly combined in his writings, which have inspired countless brothers and sisters of circumstance to seek the help they desperately need. Dave is a lantern in a sea of darkness for thousands. Honesty is a difficult thing to find in that world where secrets are paramount. Dave's willingness to speak out, with true frankness instead of self-serving glossing, is what makes him not only effective, but great. I recommend him unreservedly."


Brinda Carey

Author and Advocate for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse


"Dave's passion for assisting other survivors in healing is greatly appreciated and needed in the CSA community. 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18 and need strong, brave voices to guide them in their healing. Dave is already doing that in his work and I will be praying for him as he writes his own experience which will help many more survivors."


S. Peppy Bennett, LL.M., MHS.CPS

Child Advocate Coordinator & Human Trafficking Supervisor


"Dave is very passionate, well in-tuned Advocate and Executive Director. "Together We Heal" is an organization with a leader who is true to stopping abuse and finding justice for all victims. Dave is a man of great integrity and has my highest recommendation."


Linda Salter

Consultant/Teacher at Salter Consultants/Veritas


"I have known Dave for many years and I believe he is extremely sensitive and compassionate in his dealings with others. Since he is a survivor of childhood molestation, he has a better insight into the true feelings a victim is experiencing. I therefore believe he is better equipped to nurture someone to the road of recovery. He is an excellent example that people can heal and lead a productive and meaningful life after such a horrendous experience."


Rachel Grant

M.A. Counseling Psychology, Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach


I have had the great pleasure to work with Dave on multiple occasions and I am always struck by how conscientious and tuned in he is to the community and needs of those he is serving. He always acts with mindfulness, surrounds himself with mentors, and strives to make available the best of the best in the way of resources, information, and support. His heart is huge and he is definitely on the right path. I know you will be helped because of his heartfelt and dedicated work.


Tommy Maloney



M.A. Counseling Psychology, Sexual Abuse Recovery Coach

I was very grateful to be part of the "Every Thing for Dads Convention 2014" where David was one of the keynote speakers. David's presentation was informative as well as moving. I would highly recommend David to speak at your event and he will not disappoint your audience with his story. You will see the world in a different light after hearing David talk just like I have.


Lynn Tolson

Author of Beyond the Tears: A True Survivor's Story + Founder at Project 4 TEARS: Telling Everyone About Rape & Suicide


This recommendation is for David Pittman, founder of Together We Heal. I heard him speak on the Elaine Crocker radio show. Mr. Pittman has a profound message of hope and healing for survivors of child abuse, and its relationship to drug abuse. He knows his subject matter and is passionate about helping other survivors.