Published Articles


Occasionally, TWH board members, volunteer therapists and consultants contribute articles to various publications. Below are a few to help you on your journey.


The Abused Addict - The Ultimate Fight


Rachel Grant Coaching


Published - January 22, 2013


Describes the conflict that people who have been sexually abused as children face when it leads to substance abuse in their attempt to numb the pain.


How Trauma From Abuse Can Change Your DNA




Published - February 18, 2013


The potential impact childhood sexual abuse may have on DNA.


Rape By Any Other Name is Still Rape


The Good Men Project


Published - March 2, 2013


David Pittman examines the reasons we, as a society, try to soften the term “rape” by calling it by other names.


The Abused Addict - Dulling The Pain


The Good Men Project


Published - March 17, 2013


David Pittman discusses the relationship between abuse and addiction.


Healing From Abuse - Roads To Recovery


The Good Men Project


Published - March 31, 2013


David Pittman reviews some of the therapeutic options for recovery from sexual abuse—from the traditional to the experimental.


When It Comes To Love, 3 Is The Magic Number!


The Elephant Journal


Published - April 8, 2013


David Pittman explores the three most important elements of relationships, and wonders at the prevalence of the number three in human history.


Grooming - How Do Sexual Predators Get Into Our Lives?




Published - June 20, 2013


Dave Pittman gives a detailed account on how sexual predators move into the lives of children and families and what signs for parents to be aware in order to better protect their children.


Grooming - How Sexual Predators Get Into Our Lives.


The Good Men Project


Published - June 24, 2013


David Pittman shares methods to keep our children safer by helping identify sexual predators.


Is Forgiveness Necessary?


The Good Men Project


Published - June 30, 2013


David Pittman, a survivor of abuse, examines the role of forgiveness in healing.


What's Your Reason To Fly?


The Good Men Project


Published - July 13, 2013


David Pittman, an abuse survivor and recovering addict, discovered that there’s no bigger high than knowing you’ve helped someone else.


Do You Want A Future?


The Good Men Project


Published - July 19, 2013


It wasn’t until David Pittman went back to his past and acknowledged the childhood sexual abuse that he endured, that he that he began to work through the painful issues in his adult life.


You Have Worth And Are Worthy.


The Good Men Project


August 4, 2013


David Pittman offers hope to fellow survivors of sexual assault: You have value, and you are not alone.


Waiting To Be Found


August 13, 2013


Abuse survivor David Pittman explains how the loneliest feeling in the world is waiting to be found.


Church Of England Makes Child Abuse Apology


The Good Men Project


September 3, 2013


Abuse survivor David Pittman applauds the Church of England for their unreserved apology to abuse survivors, and encourages American churches to follow suit.


When Does The Worst Day Of Your Life Turn Into The Best?


The Good Men Project


November 6, 2013


David Pittman is honest about the most brutal aspects of his past because he needs others to know that there is hope.


Our Very Own ‘Breakfast Club’ of Support


The Good Men Project


January 27, 2014


For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day living and to forget about helping others. David Pittman is here to ask, “What are you willing to do?”


Getting Away With Murder - Child Predators


The Good Men Project


March 2, 2014


David Pittman, and other survivors like him, are frustrated with how sexual predators have been getting away with the murder of the innocence of childhood.


Easter - A Conflict of Emotions


The Good Men Project


April 20, 2014


David Pittman is a Christian who was abused by the Church. That experience changed his perspective on the Resurrection.