1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be

sexually abused

by the age of 18




The prevalence of child sexual abuse is difficult to determine because it is often not reported; experts agree that the incidence is far greater than what is reported to authorities. CSA is also not uniformly defined, so statistics may vary. Statistics below represent some of the research done on child sexual abuse.



•  At least 90 percent of all childhood sexual abuse victims know their abuser


•  Only 25 percent of childhood sexual abuse cases are even reported; only 5 percent of those cases will even make it to court and of that, 50 percent of these children will be returned to their alleged abuser


•  The average sexual predator will commit 117 assaults before even getting caught


•  The re-arrest rate for convicted child predators is 52 percent


•  One in 10 homes are involved in some form of childhood sexual abuse; this is a leading cause of teen suicide and child prostitution

Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). It exists to provide guidance and counseling to those in need, educate any who seek information on how to better protect our children and to expose the sexual predators and their methods. Together we can do all of these things and begin the process of healing.


Since 90-95% of CSA occurs at the hands of someone that is known, trusted and often loved, it is essential to be educated on what signs or red flags to be looking. The once held notion of "stranger danger" is a myth with regard to CSA and education is the key to learning what are the real threats to children.


TWH works with Schools, Religious groups, Civic organizations or in a home full of concerned parents. Our desire is to prevent children from enduring the trauma of CSA, and to help those who have already been assaulted begin the process of healing.


It's not too late to reach out and get help.

TWH is dedicated to educating and outreach. Be sure to find us at an upcoming conference or workshop.

We've pulled together a group of partners and volunteer therapists to help with the healing process.

We trust you'll find our site to be one full of resources with a network of groups standing by to help.


Together We Heal is for any who suffer from the trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse. We are here to provide a safe forum for survivors of abuse to share, learn and heal, give direction to those seeking guidance and to expose sexual predators for what they are and their methods of getting into our lives.